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Street Cats Rescue is a grass roots organization serving Innisfil, Barrie and Georgina. We are a no kill, non-profit, registered charity staffed entirely by volunteers. We consist of a group of professional people who volunteer our time because we are passionate about animal welfare.

Street Cats consists of a large network of foster homes who provide temporary shelter for abused, forgotten, neglected and impounded animals. Our foster homes act as bridge to a new beginning for each of the animals in our care. Cats are individually assessed and given appropriate medical treatment including vaccinations, parasite control, etc. The foster families not only provide a warm, safe environment - they also provide something so many of these animals have lived without for far too long ... lots and lots of LOVE! And since all of our foster kitties are housed in a regular home environment, it helps us learn each cat's individual personality. Are they okay with dogs and/or other cats? Maybe they like their bellies rubbed or perhaps they have a favorite toy? All of these things are taken into consideration and it makes finding the right adoptive home that much easier. As well as being fostered and vet checked, each adult is fixed prior to adoption. If a kitten is too young, adoptive families are provided with a discount spay/neuter voucher redeemable at most local vet clinics. We do charge an adoption fee to help offset some of our expenses. Please feel free to contact us at to find our more.